Scooter and Motorcycle

Le Velostyle

Built in a small batch of estimated 25 Examples in 1949/1950. Initially advertised at 45,000 France.

Le Velostyle

One of a possible five survivors of this scooter. ( Wheel size is Mochet's preferred 450x55A.

Le Velostyle

The relevant Patent FR976.504: 'Cadre pour cycles ou motorcycles format coque'. Patent applied for by Georges Mochet on 15/12/1948 and published on 19/03/1951.


After the decline of the car sales (due to a legislation change) Mochet stopped the production of cars all together. In 1958 he started a last motorised project with a Motorcycle. 

CMS175 in the press

Article in L'Auto Journal issue 193 on 1st March 1958 page 13. One CM175 has survived according to Club Ydral.

CMS175 racing at Montlhery

The photo is at Montlhery where the motorcycle was raced by Georges Agache.