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Welcome to world of Charles and Georges Mochet and the history of the Velocar, the Velo-Velocar and the Microcars/Bubble Cars

About Us

Who are we?

We are Sascha and Michael and reasonably mad about Velocars and early recumbent bicycles in general. Apart from that we are actually collecting veteran and vintage bicycles and tricycles.

What's it about?

We will offer some info about Charles and Georges Mochet and their products and creations. As well (time and space permitting) we will delve a bit deeper into other early recumbents and Velomobiles.

Can you help?

We always looking for photographs of existing vehicles or copies of documents, frame number of cars etc. 

Site Content


Velocars - the four wheeled human powered vehicle. Built from 1927 to c. 1944/1945. 

Velo Velocar & Velorizontal

The record breaking recumbent bicycle and it's development from 1932 onward.


From the first 4CV in 1927 to the Ptitauto 1931/33 to the famous Microcars of the 1950s. 

Le Velostyle

Scooter 'Le Veloctyle' c. 1949/1950


The Motorcycle CMS125 and CMS175 of 1958.

Other Projects

Other Mochet Projects such as trailers, sidecars and other curiosities.

News and Updates

17/02/2018 -Website redone

This Site has undergone a rebuild and is now in English! Not quite complete yet (our travels and adventures are not yet up) but all the core info about the various Mochet products are now available in a new form. Enjoy.  

We will keep you posted about updates.